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Essex Public School’s Phoenix soar at graduation

by Garrett Fodor

Stepping onto the stage to receive their diplomas, students of the 2022 graduating class at Essex Public School (EPS) were able to celebrate being a Phoenix one last time together, before departing on their individual journeys. 

  For the first time in two-years, members of the graduating class of EPS and their families were able to come together and celebrate their respective accomplishments in-person. Last Thursday, graduates of Essex Public School, their friends, and family members gathered in the gymnasium as the grade eight students prepared to depart for the summer and their respective secondary school institutions. 

  “I give the grade eight students a lot of kudos. It was very hard coming back and completely changing their lives in the last two-years,” Mrs. Barry said, a grade eight teacher at EPS. “I think they’ve grown immensely and this has shown what they can do when they put their mind to it. It’s an exciting step in their lives. I saw some tears in the crowd prior to the start of the ceremony.”  

With restrictions loosening throughout the year, EPS was able to allow students to participate in some of the athletic activities. Barry noted many of the students were excited to have their track and field day once again.

  Barry said she was excited for this class of graduates, and noted these students know when to have fun and laugh, and when it is time to get to work. 

  This year’s graduating EPS class featured 72 students, represented by Valedictorian, Lily McCormick. McCormick was selected for the distinguished role through a process set out by the Graduation Committee. McCormick was a member of the EPS band, participated on the school’s baseball team, and made morning announcements. 

  “Looking back on some of my favourite memories at EPS, they are with my classmates and would be some of our field trips, like [in] grade three, going to Heritage Village,” McCormick said. “I think we all worked really hard and grew and came out of our shell. Looking ahead, I remind everyone to continue to work hard. I’m excited for the new beginnings, making new friends, and having new experiences.”

  McCormick said she is thankful for all of the parents and teachers who helped her and the entire graduating class get to this point. She looks back on her time at EPS glowingly.

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