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Essex re-elects Lewis

by Sylene Argent

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After a short campaign of just 36-days, constituents of the Essex Riding re-elected Conservative Chris Lewis as their Member of Parliament.

  The re-election will allow him to continue his goal of making the world a better place.

  Lewis was elected in the 2019 Federal Election, where he ousted the former NDP MP, Tracey Ramsey.

  Both Ramsey and Lewis fought for the position in this election, with Lewis earning the majority of votes during the 44th Canadian Federal Election.

  Unofficial election results from Elections Canada have Lewis earning 27,688 votes or 41 percent of the votes casted. Ramsey earned 21,428, Liberal candidate Audrey Festeryga received 10,408, and PPC candidate Beth Charron-Rowberry garnered 6,773.

  The voter turnout was 64.1 percent.

  “This was a hard-fought campaign. There were many, many important issues to address. People want leadership and action. I worked hard to stay above the fray; to provide a clear message of hope and a plan for Essex to thrive. I also tried to model a different way to do politics, free of personal attacks and to take my message to the people directly,” Lewis commented in a statement. “Thank you for putting your trust in me and for the honour to serve you again as the Member of Parliament for Essex.”

  He also thanked his team for their commitment to his campaign.

  His goal, he continued, is the economic future, “but another big priority is to do my part to end divisive politics and bring unity back to Essex. My commitment is to serve each and every one of you with the same passion and compassion as I did in my first term. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.”

  Lewis also commended fellow candidates who ran in the Essex Riding.

  National results had Liberals with the most seats. As a result, Canada will continue with a Liberal minority government, with a Conservative opposition.


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