Essex resident makes top 12 in body paint challenge

-need online support to make top six-

by Sylene Argent

Essex resident, Summer Stockwell is following her artistic dreams. Thanks to community support, she had made the top 12 round in an international makeup artist competition, NXY Face Awards.

Thirty artists were selected from the U.S. and Canada to compete for top prize.

The 25-year old Dental Hygienist enjoys igniting her creative passion through body painting. She is thrilled to have made the top 12 round.

Each round of competition has a theme and the participants are required to create a video and turn their bodies into a canvass based on that theme. This round, the theme chosen was “Icon.”

In keeping with the “Icon” theme, Stockwell chose Dr. Seuss.

“I created a life-size book and my character comes out of it in the story. I picked Dr. Seuss because he is creative, bold, colourful, and I have been making little poems in all of my videos [in the competition]. I grew up with his books as a kid and also created some of his looks early on when I started doing makeup. I thought it would be a great connection,” Stockwell said.

Voting for this round starts at 3 p.m. on July 13 and continues on through to the 19. She is hoping hcommunity will vote for her online. Each challenge is based on 75 percent public appeal and 25 percent judge’s choice, she explained.

Stockwell is hoping to make it to the top six. She explained the competitors who make it to that round get to fly into L.A. for two weeks to create their final makeup piece for the competition. The winner will receive $50,000 and will earn the title “Artist of the Year.”

Community members can vote for Stockwell at Her video submission is under the name

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