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Essex resident needs online support in body paint challenge

Photo credit: @johnchanphoto

by Sylene Argent

By day, Essex resident Summer Stockwell is a Dental Hygienist, but in her spare time, the 25-year-old enjoys igniting her creative passion through body painting.  

  The artistic pastime as become a passion that has created a unique opportunity for her. Stockwell was recently selected to participate an international makeup artist competition from the brand NYX Professional Makeup, NXY Face Awards. Thirty artists were selected from the U.S. and Canada to compete for the top prize.

  Through the competition, participants must create a makeup look and a video based on a theme for each round.

  Stockwell has made it to the top 20 artists round, and she is striving to make it to the next round of top 12.  

  Her top 20 video is over ten minutes long and goes along with the theme, “Machinist.” Stockwell shot the video in a garage. It is set in an industrial world where people cannot go outside because of pollution. Her makeup look for the video included painting a motorcycle engine on her chest. Part of the video shows how she created the look.

  Voting for this round takes place from June 15th through to the 21st. She is hoping community members will vote for her online. Each challenge is based on 75 percent public appeal and 25 percent judge’s choice, she explained.

  At the next round, Stockwell explained the top six get to fly into L.A. for two weeks to create their final makeup piece for the competition. The winner will receive $50,000 and will earn the title “Artist of the Year.”

  “This is my absolute dream,” Stockwell said. “It took me 13 hours to complete my body art for this round. I am very dedicated and hard working.

  “It has been crazy,” Stockwell said of the experience. She said she tried out for the competition last year, but did not make the top 30. She spent the year perfecting her skills in anticipation of getting involved again this year.  

  Community members can vote for Stockwell at Her video submission is under the name

Voting ends this Thursday, however, if she continues on to the next round, be sure to continue to vote.


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