Essex’s Brian Weaver elected Vice President of RCL Dominion

Photo submitted by Carolyn McCaul - Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command Provincial Public Relations Chairman. Brian Weaver of Essex is pictured at the recent Dominion Convention, where he was installed as Dominion Vice President.

by Sylene Argent

When talking to Essex native, Brian Weaver, it is quickly noticeable just how much passion he has for serving veterans and the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL).

  That passion will serve him well as one of three Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Vice Presidents, who will serve all of Canada on an Executive Board with a First Vice President, a Current President, and a Grand President.

  “I am more than excited to fill the role,” he said, adding he is grateful for all the support.

  Weaver, who moved to Cobourg six years ago to serve on the Ontario Command, was one of the three candidates who were elected to the Vice President positions out of five candidates through a first-past-the-pole election held during the 2018 Dominion Convention.This took place in late August in Winnipeg.

  He noted 928 accredited delegates voted at the convention, in addition to the 2077, who voted through proxy.

  “It took over three hours to count the ballots,” Weaver said of the election officials. “It was rather scary. I was waiting on pins and needles.”

  As the RCL Dominion Vice President, Weaver is a member of the Canvet Board of Directors, which creates the Legion Magazine. In his role as Dominion Vice President, Weaver is also Chairperson of Dominion Sports. Through this position, he will oversee the national Youth Track and Field championships and Dominion Darts, Eight Ball, and Cribbage championships.

  Over the next two years as Vice President of Dominion Command, Weaver would like to expand entries into Dominion sporting championships.      

  Previous to earning this position, Weaver was the President of Ontario Command. He is now the Immediate Past Provincial President until May, when a new election will be held. He also will continue on in his role as Provincial Property Chairman for the Ontario Command until this spring.

   The Dominion Convention is hosted every two years. In 2020, it will be in Saskatoon, and Weaver hopes to move up the ranks at that time to take on the First Vice President position.

  “The Legion is in my blood,” Weaver said.

  In 1973, Weaver told his dad, Ted, who was a member of the Essex Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and an active Mason, he wanted to get involved with the Essex Legion. His dad, who had served in the Air Force, asked him why. Weaver remembers answering he wanted to work with the organization.

  “It has been uphill since,” he said. Over the years, he served on the Essex Legion’s Executive, including as President. He later moved on to serve as Zone Commander and District Commander. He first Served the Ontario Command as Vice President in 2009, then further served as First Vice President, then President.

  He received the Life Membership Award in 1995 and the Meritorious Service Medal in 2014 for his service to the Legion.

  Weaver continues to serve the Legion after all these years, because he wants to see veterans get the fair-share they deserve. One of the biggest aims is to improve PTSD and service dog help for veterans, he said.

  Another aim of the Legion is to increase its membership. There are currently around 275,000 members Canada-wide, and he would like to see that climb to 300,000. Members do not have to get heavily involved with their branches. That will be a goal he would like to see reached for the Legion’s Centennial anniversary in 1925.  

  “I am of the mindset, help us help a veteran,” he said of getting new members. “If you enjoy your freedom and what you have in Canada, it didn’t come by chance. Thank a veteran.”