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Family Feud Canada invites Team Teves to second audition

Photo submitted. Pictured are the members of the Teves family or Harrow.

by Sylene Argent

The Teves family of Harrow received great news from Family Feud Canada last week, that noted the local game show fans have been invited to the second phase of the show’s auditioning process.

  The five-person team consists of family members: Nancy Teves, Mike Teves, Jaycee Teves, Zelia Abdulkader, and Bella Silva-Cacilhas.

  The Teves family has been working hard lately, trying to garner the attention of the Family Feud Canada show producers. In trying to promote themselves as viable competitors on the show, team Teves has made a couple of fun videos and social media posts to show their quit-witted and enthusiastic nature, all to demonstrate why they should earn a spot on the competitors’ roster.

Thanks, in part, to community support in liking and sharing their online work, team Teves learned it will have its second virtual audition for the show this week, which will take place virtually. If all goes well, the final step would be finally making the show.

“The community has been so amazing sharing and cheering us on. We can’t thank everyone enough,” team Teves noted.

Team Teves members are very excited for the second round of auditions, and are hoping to wow the producers so they can advance and make the shows competitors’ list.

The Teves family hopes for continued community support, so they can follow their dreams of getting on the game show.

This is the second attempt the Teves family has made to get on the show. Last year, after deciding on the idea while gathered at Tim Hortons, their first attempt got them to the second audition phase, but they did not earn a spot on the show.

  For more information, or to show support, visit, or @familyfeudteves on Instagram. 

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