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Family Respite receives $1000 donation from local business

by Sylene Argent

Chris Burnand of Essex-based business Direct Electric Services forwarded a $1000 donation to Family Respite Services Windsor-Essex on Monday evening.

  Family Respire Services works in partnership with families, having children with disabilities, to coordinate support and provide short breaks that strengthen families and contributes to children having meaningful lives in their community.

  Russell Tapping received the donation on Family Respite Service’s behalf. He is a young man of Essex Centre who benefits from programs and services available through this organization.

  Tapping, up to a few times a week, utilizes Family Respite. A worker picks him up to take him bowling, to the movies, or biking, or to enjoy outings to places like Colasanti’s or Greenview Aviaries. Through Family Respite, Tapping also enjoys the Fantastic Fridays program, which takes place every other week at the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle, which includes themed activities and swimming.

  Rich and Charlene, Tapping’s dad and step mother, said utilizing Family Respite Services has been socially fantastic for Tapping. A wonderful atmosphere is created for friend-making, they noted.

  Burnand said business has been great, especially this year. He and his family look forward to making this donation every year. “[It] really is far better to give than to receive,” he said. “Thousands of people give to charity on a regular basis to support causes they believe in, as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives.”

  For more information about Family Respite Services, log onto


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