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Firemen’s Association and Town upgrading Sparky’s Park

by Sylene Argent

The Town of Essex and the Essex Firemen’s Association are working together to continue to enhance Sparky’s Park, which is located in Tulley Meadows.

  Last Tuesday, members of the Essex Firemen’s Association proudly showed off the accessible swing they were able to donate to Sparky’s Park. The Association is now working to get the Park’s fire safety messaging restored, as well.

  The Town of Essex is also implementing some improvements to the park, including the addition of the accessible trail and the refurbishing of the benches and the structure.  

  The Essex Firemen’s Association first fundraised to install the well-known park’s equipment in the early 2000s, which was one of the Association’s bigger fundraising drives in the Town, Brandon Chartier noted, who is a Firefighter with Essex Fire Station # 1.

  The accessibility enhancements provide an opportunity for everyone to use the amenities at the park, he said.

  In order to fundraise, the Essex Firemen’s Association partnered with the Town of Essex to host an outdoor movie night in July and further hosted a carwash at Station # 1 in August.

  Every time the Town of Essex invites the Communities in Bloom national or provincial judges to the area for an assessment, they are always taken to Sparky’s Park. Doug Sweet, Essex’s Director of Community Services, said the Park always scores the Town a lot of points because it is so unique with its special fire safety messaging. The judges also seem to like the partnership between the Town and the Firemen’s Association that work together to keep it maintained.  

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