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Gesto Theatre presents MTI’s Madagascar Jr.

by Lori Ross

Gesto Theatre opened the curtains for its 2019 stage production of MTI’s, Madagascar Jr., in three performances, giving many of the students the opportunity to showcase their singing, acting, and artistic talents in front of the school, family, and friends the week of April 24, 2019.

There were over 50 students involved with this year’s production, with the majority of the students on the stage.  

These productions bring the school community together. Colchester North is a small school and the students are involved with many activities inside and outside of the school day.  With many students involved in athletics and drama productions, it provides students with an opportunity to try something they normally wouldn’t participate in have an opportunity to showcase their talents.  Many students stayed after school, for three weeks prior to the performance, practicing on stage and painting set designs.

The sets were on wheels due to the fast tempo of the production and scene changes were quick.  The crew that works on the stage was busy, wheeling these sets around while many of the students were changing costumes and running on and off the stage.  

The students began working on the play four months ago.  During the daily practices the students memorized lines during their lunch breaks with Mrs. Fox and learned new songs, choreography, and worked on props.  

This is Theatre Gesto’s 26th year of production, and even before the play is done, the students are already asking what next year’s production is.


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