Gosfield North Communications awards annual bursaries

Pictured left: Gosfield North Communications bursary winners, Brendan Doyle (C), and Amanda Rainsforth (R), were recognized on Monday evening in Cottam.

by Adam Gault

The Cottam-based telecommunications co-operative, Gosfield North Communications, awarded its annual bursaries to two area students this past Monday evening, continuing a longstanding tradition of recognizing and supporting the scholastic endeavours of its co-operative members.

“We’re looking for [applicants] to relate the field of telecommunications and/or internet communications with whatever field they might be [enrolled] in,” Chief Executive and Tech Officer, Rob Petruk, said of the award’s essay-style selection process. “So, how would advancements in technology relating to telecommunications help you in your career or your educational path or curriculum.”

Brendan Doyle and Amanda Rainsforth, two first year University of Windsor students and Cottam residents, were the selected recipients of the two $500-dollar bursaries, chosen from a number of prospective applicants vying for the prize.

Both expressed gratitude at being chosen for the award. The added knowledge members of their own community selected them for the bursary, made the award’s recognition that much more special.

“I appreciate it, partly too, because it’s from the community, so, it was chosen by people that I know,” Doyle explained. “So, it means a lot to me.”

Rainsforth also noted that the local nature of the award was a major contributing factor in her wanting to apply for a bursary that supports students in the local area.

“It’s something local, something only people from this region can apply for,” Rainsworth said. “So, I think it’s pretty cool.”

The bursaries exemplify the core business mandate and co-operative nature of the Gosfield North Communications Company, according to Petruk, as they help to support and grow the community that the company directly services.

“We really thought that it was important, and as a company, we feel it’s important to foster the younger generation, give them a head start,” Petruk explained. “[To] Help them through their curriculum and their careers as they grow into them and everything like that. A bursary program just seems like a natural fit to help nurture and foster the community.”

Both of this year’s bursary recipients currently plan on continuing their education after their initial four-year programs at the University of Windsor, with Rainsforth planning on pursuing a career in accounting, and acquiring her MBA and CPA, and Doyle looking into teaching or enrolling in law school.

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