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Gosfield North PS helps set new Guinness cup-stacking world record

by Sylene Argent

The World Speed Stacking Association’s “Stack Up!” event has set a new Guinness World Record Mark for “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day,” with help from the students in the grades two to five classes at Gosfield North Public School.

  On November 8, these Gosfield North Public School students participated in the world-wide event from their school gymnasium. They were among the 624,390 stackers, who were from 2,833 schools and organizations of 25 countries, who worked together to try to earn the Guinness World Record for “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.”

Each participant will now be presented with a certificate of proof to commemorate the achievement.

  Sport stacking involves individuals or teams attempting to stack plastic cups into various pre-determined shapes and sequences.

  Cup stacking, Gosfield North Public School teacher Bodeha Oozeer has commented in the past, is good for enhancing students’ sequencing, speed, and memory.


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