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Gosfield North’s Junior Mix Volleyball Team successful at local tournament

by Sylene Argent

Members of the Junior Mix Volleyball Team at Gosfield North Public School wrapped up the season having earned two pennants.

  The team returned home Tier 2 Champions and Tier 1 Finalist at the Harrow Public School Invitational.   

  Gosfield North Public School’s Junior Mix Volleyball Team included: Andrew Hildebrandt, Ayden Collard, Bryce Belleau, Cade Smith, Charlie Nikita, Colton Tiessen, Hudson Diemer, Jaiden Bartlett, Luke Konrad, Luke Market, Mason Ginter, Nash Driedger, Reed VanderVecht, Trent Rudge, Ryan Fick, Bradley Boese, Brinley Bechard, Cassia Langis, Emma Colenutt, Hailey McMurren, Nadea Barrette, Selena Dyck, Teaghan Pluimers.

Gosfield’s Senior Girls wrap-up successful 2018 season

by Sylene Argent

Gosfield North Public School’s Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team wrapped up the 2018 season as a finalist in regular tournament play and as a finalist at the Pronger Tournament, which sent the team to the District Championships as having been in the top four of the 36 participating teams.

  The Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team Julia Konrad, Kylie Willis, Tessa MacDonald, Juile Boese, Kaelyn Overholt, Emma Barrette, Payton Smith, Kaelyn Plumiers, Becca MacFarlane, Hailey Wonsch, Emma Langis, Emma Colenutt, Selena Dyck, Devon Ireland, Clare Chevelier, Taryn Green.

Gosfield North’s Senior Boys’ Volleyball team nets success

by Sylene Argent

Gosfield North Public School’s Senior Boys’ Volleyball team wrapped up 2018 on a high note.

  This hardworking team earned second place finishes at the LaSalle Early Bird Tournament, the Red Raider Tournament, the Regional Competition, and at the County-Wide Championship. It also earned a bronze at the District Tournament.  

  Gosfield North Public School’s Senior Boys’ Volleyball team included: Adrian Harrison, Gavin Brockman, Cameron Derksen, Alex Archer, Luke Ward, Dallas Brown, Dylan Rudge, Callum Baker. Kage Bildfell, Garrett McPhee, Kaleb Hildebrand, Nash Driedger. 

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