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Gosfield North students enjoy a day dedicated to French language and culture  

by Sylene Argent, Local Journalism Initiative

The students at Gosfield North Public School were able to spend all of last Thursday celebrating everything French, including culture and language.

  Thanks to their French teachers, Madame Kim Morin and Madam Angela Harrison, all of the students were able to participate in an array of games and activities to simulate the Quebec Winter Carnival and its official ambassador, Bonhomme de Neige.

  Throughout the school, classrooms transformed into 16 stations where the students learned by playing games with one another. For instance, the students were able to participate in a curling game, an obstacle course, tricycle races, relay games, and tabletop bowling. Many of the activities required the students to coordinate with one another and promoted teamwork.

  Harrison noted the activities were designed to maximize participation and encouraged all skill-levels throughout the whole school to get involved.

  The day of activities also allowed the grade eight students to enter into a leadership role as they guided the younger students through all of the games and activities, and further showed how they could all work together to achieve a common goal.

  Harrison was pleased to offer the day of activities to the students as a way to engage the youth, and teach them in a fun way, about French language and culture. In addition, all of the students were able to enjoy a cafe where maple cookies and hot chocolate were served.

  The students look forward to participating in this fun event every year, Harrison noted.


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