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Harrow Fair pie auction raises record amount

by Adam Gault

A tasty tradition, with a quarter of a century of success, continued this past Thursday, August 30, as the Harrow Fair’s annual pie auction raised a record setting $21,895 for the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC), which supports children and youth with special needs.

  More than 70 pies were auctioned off from the Fair’s main stage by auctioneer Jack Morris, who has helmed every pie auction since the tradition began. Many of the auctioned pies easily fetched more than several hundred dollars a piece, with the event’s first place treat, a peach pie that Katrina Klomp made, going for an astonishing $3,750.

  “We are absolutely thrilled to have this ongoing relationship with the Fair,” JMCC Director Lucy Coppola said. “Since the records have been kept, since 2000, we’ve raised almost $200,000, and we couldn’t be happier to continue this.”

  A pie for every personal taste was available at the auction, from classic dessert pies like apple, blueberry, and pumpkin, to mincemeat and other dinner favourites, with even some diabetic-friendly options available to the more than one hundred eager bidders who took part in the event.

  Funding from the event will continue to support the JMCC, which helps nearly 3000 special needs children a year at their Windsor-based facility, as well as with hands-on support at their local schools. JMCC provided services include personal assessments, supporting treatments, family consultations, educational support, and accessibility to wheelchairs and other mobility devices for greater freedom and independence.

  More information on the John McGivney Children’s Centre can be found at

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