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Harrow Open Streets returns for fall festivity

by Sylene Argent, L

ocal Journalism Initiative

With over 30 vendor tables, a car show, a magician, food trucks, and live music entertainment from the Border City Brass, the Harrow & Colchester South Chamber of Commerce was able to host yet another successful Harrow Open Streets event on Friday evening.

Since restrictions began to lift following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Harrow & Colchester South Chamber of Commerce began hosting the twice a year promotional events, which have been held in June to kick off the summer and again in September to kick off the fall.

The idea was to get people into the downtown Harrow area to shop at the local businesses, and also give a space for local businesses that do not have a storefront, so they could have the opportunity to connect with the community.

Michael Janisse, a Director with the Harrow & Colchester South Chamber of Commerce, said the idea behind hosting the events is to keep things happening in the downtown Harrow area, all to help promote the local businesses.

This is the third year the Harrow & Colchester South Chamber of Commerce has hosted these Harrow Open Street events, and the festivities have grown along the way, thanks to the community embracing everything they have to offer. He noted the local businesses look forward to the events.

Looking ahead, the Harrow & Colchester South Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to being able to once again host its Partners in Progress series, which will start up again in the near future.

This opportunity offers its business members of the organization a chance to sit in on a discussion with experts in a variety of different fields and industries, who are willing to share their knowledge. In the past some of these workshops have focused on how businesses could, for example, use the internet to sell their wares or market themselves, or looked at where the best place is to put electric vehicle charging stations.

This series is hosted with a dinner.

Janisse noted the Partners in Progress series is a great tool for the business community to connect with industry experts and learn.


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