Harrow rings in the new year, and a new decade

by Garrett Fodor

As tens of thousands of people gathered in Time Square, New York, to watch the ball drop, hundreds of Area residents gathered in Harrow to participate a New Year’s Eve party of their own.

  On December 31, the Harrow & Colchester Chamber of Commerce hosted its 7th annual New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Harrow Arena. With ice skating, face-painting, photo booths, clowns, free hot-dogs and hot chocolate, and ball hockey, there was something for everyone to enjoy. This year was the 4th time the event was held at the Harrow Arena.

“The event is arranged by the Chamber of Commerce and it is designed to be family oriented,” Dennis McLean said, a convenor of the event who has volunteered with it for five years.

  “Everything is in one place. Families do not have to go anywhere or move the car when they get here. We arrange this event, but it is also local businesses that make it all possible and donate supplies and products, like REFAC, who donated the ball for tonight.”

  The event began at 6 p.m., and ran until 9 p.m., when the event was capped off with its very own ball drop and fireworks display. The ball was designed and fabricated by REFAC Industrial Contractors, who came up with the idea three years ago. The ball, draped in LED lights and streamers, is continuing to evolve and improve year-after-year and took over 50 hours to fabricate originally.


McLean said he is grateful to have the event held at the Harrow Arena and being able to plan for it, rain or shine, with the activities all happening inside. He adds he is excited to see how it has grown and become an annual tradition and something families and youth look forward to. 

  “When I took the signs around, putting them up to publicize [the event], like the daycare over here, they were just so happy to see it,” McLean said. “The kids, they’re going to be tired out from all the skating and they’re ready to go home after the ball is dropped and they had a good day. So, it’s all a win-win for everybody.”

  McLean said this type of event is great for the community as it is part of the allure and overall community of Harrow. He adds that it could not have been possible without the help of various community sponsors and the Town of Essex, including Mayor Larry Snively who volunteered to serve hot dogs and popcorn.

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