Holy Name’s senior students enjoy a retreat with NET Ministries

by Sylene Argent

Leading up to their Sacrament of Confirmation, the grade eight students at Holy Name Catholic Elementary School were able to enjoyed a special retreat with ten team members from National Evangelization Teams (NET) Ministries of Canada last Thursday.

  From within the youth centre at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, the senior students enjoyed a day of learning about their faith.

  Nick Fournier, Youth Minister at Holy Name of Jesus Church, said a retreat is held every year for the senior elementary students as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

  He said this was the first time in a while a group from NET Ministries Canada was brought in for a retreat, and he was pleased with how the event turned out. Those on this team, Fournier said, are young adults who have dedicated one year of their lives to travel Canada and spread the Gospel.

  “It went really well. They are high energy, they are passionate,” Fournier said of the group members, adding they help connect the youth with God. “They are really good at getting the kids to lower their defences and come in with an open mind, and experience everything the retreat has to offer.”

  Though many may view the Sacrament of Confirmation as the last in the series of Sacraments of Initiation, “It is the beginning of your exciting adventure,” Fournier said. It is also the beginning of young adulthood for many in the Catholic Church, and learning the plan God has for each individual, he added.

  Getting to participate in retreats, like the one hosted last Thursday, helps the youth experience God and faith, which goes beyond just listening and learning, he noted.

  “It isn’t until you experience faith does it become important in our lives,” he said.

  Holy Name Catholic Church hosts four ongoing youth-orientated groups, including “Quest” for students in grades three through five, “Edge” for students in grades six through eight, and “Life Teen” for those who are high school-aged. “Momentum” is for older youth who are working or learning post-secondary.

  As part of these groups, participating youth take part in conferences and retreats.

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