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Holy Name students hold mock municipal election

by Sylene Argent

The best way to learn is by doing. So, in recognition of the 2018 Essex Municipal Election, the grade seven students at Holy Name Catholic Elementary School were tasked to research the local candidates running for Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and present a speech outlining their platforms to the rest of the school. They also made signs and put them up around the school.

  Three students represented each mayoral and deputy mayoral candidate running in the 2018 Essex Municipal Election. Those three students were tasked to each prepare a speech, based on their candidate’s platform, for either the primary, junior, or senior grades.

  On Thursday, the representing students presented their speeches, and their fellow schoolmates took to the poles to voice whom they thought would be the best representative.

  In addition, the grade seven students learned about the roles and responsibilities of the Returning Officer and Scrutineers.

  Grade seven teacher, Mrs. Barb Gaspard, said her grade seven class typically tackles elections as part of its studies of learning about being global citizens. Last schoolyear, her former students did a mock election for the Provincial Election.

  “We want them to be critical thinkers,” she said of her students. “We want them to be future leaders of the town and country; to take responsibility of leadership.”

  As part of the municipal election studies, the students watched debates and researched each candidate.

  The grade seven students said they learned what municipal governments handle.

  Students Max D’Alfonso and Caleb Young, who presented speeches on behalf of two of the mayor/deputy mayor candidates for the senior classes, said they learned most candidates running for mayor wanted to fix roads. They both thought being an elected representative would be a great role to take on.


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