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K of C presents fish fry proceeds to Guatemala Hope, Cottam Scouts

by Sylene Argent

Last Thursday evening, the Holy Name of Jesus Church chapter of the Knights of Columbus (3305) proudly presented a $1100 cheque to Mary Elliott Koopman and Lorna Walker of the charitable organization, Guatemala Hope.

The funds were raised through one of the bi-monthly fish fries the local K of C hosts inside the church hall. Every fish fry benefits a charitable organization.

Elliott Koopman was pleased to learn of the amount the fundraiser was able to collect for the charitable cause that arranges two trips a year to bring medical and educational aid to the residents of the village of El Triunfo and surrounding communities.

Guatemala Hope has a Board of Directors that consists of seven decision-makers. In addition, countless volunteers, from across the country, travel to Guatemala to bring aid.

Currently, Guatemala Hope is committed, and has begun construction, to build an earthquake-proof medical clinic so residents can have year-round access to healthcare. It will be likely staffed by nurses of the community and doctors of Guatemala City. Guatemala Hope will aid the clinic in its efforts.

Another cheque, coincidently in the same amount, was made out to the Cottam Scouts program.

Tom Bonneau, Grand Knight, was pleased to present the cheques. The amount the two fish fries were able to raise was a bit higher than average, which Bonneau credited to the above-average turnout at the events.

The twice-monthly fish fries typically take place on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. Thanks to community support, and the K of C members who volunteer to run the program, the fish fries have been taking place in Essex Centre for 39 years.

The longevity of the program, Bonneau added, is also due to the individuals who enjoy coming out for the social interaction with friends and want to support charitable causes.

More information about Guatemala Hope can be found on its website or its Facebook page.  


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