Keeping up appearances - railway station is getting a new roof

by Sylene Argent

The historic Essex Railway Station is getting a new roof, which will add to the esthetic appeal of the historic building, while protecting the interior from potential water damage.

John Olsen, Essex’s Manager of Parks and Facilities, said the old cedar shingle roof has had better days and that it had lived past its life cycle. So, the roof restoration project was added to the Town’s budget for completion.

As the Railway Station is a designated heritage site, the roofing material will be replaced with cedar shingles in keeping with the traditional esthetics and historical features of the building.

Olsen noted the roofing project was awarded to Roofcraft of Windsor for the tendered amount of $85,700, not including taxes. This includes removing the old shingles and adding weathering stripping for the fair-sized building.

The Railway Station is a significant historical building in Essex Centre, and the restoration project will help preserve it for future generations. In addition, the Railway Station, Olsen said, has received a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting, windows, and doors in the recent past.

“We are trying to upgrade it as much as we can,” he said. All of the improvements help to also raise the overall esthetic of the Heritage Gardens Park area.

On Tuesday, the roof replacement project for the Essex Centre library and the gym area of the Essex Community Centre began, Olsen noted.