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Kids Curing Cancer raises nearly $15K for Fight Like Mason

- the organization has raised nearly $54K for cancer-related causes in six years -

by Sylene Argent

Last Friday evening, Kids Curing Cancer ambassador, Lauren Baillargeon, along with her younger siblings Ty and Kierstyn, hosted a special cheque presentation at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery.

  The trio was proud to forward Kids Curing Cancer’s 2019 fundraising proceeds of $14,906 to the Fight Like Mason Foundation.

  The cheque presentation followed the Kids Curing Cancer’s wildly successful recent fundraising campaigns, including a special hockey day with the Amherstburg Minor Hockey Association in December and a dinner and music event held last month.

  Lauren noted this year’s cheque presentation was extra special for a few reasons. It put the organization’s total six-year fundraising efforts over the $50,000 mark, and it took place on what would have been her granddad’s, Dan Gerard, birthday.  

  “I couldn’t think of a better way to honour him,” Lauren said.

  In 2014, after her granddad passed away after a battle with cancer, Lauren, then nine-years-old, set out to raise $50 for the Patience Assistance Program. With help from others, she was able to raise $3860. In three years, Kids Curing Cancer was able to forward a total of $16,990 to the Patients Assistance Program.

  In 2017, Kids Curing Cancer raised $8304 for the Ronald McDonald House.

  In 2018 and 2019, Kids Curing Cancer decided the Flight Like Mason Foundation would benefit from its fundraising effort, which provided $13,708 and $14,906 respectively.

  “We learned about Mason [who passed away after a battle with cancer nearly three years ago at the age of four], and how his parents started the organization,” Lauren said

  Chantelle Bacon and Iain Macri, Mason’s parents, were on hand to receive the donation on behalf of the Fight Like Mason Foundation.

  “I don’t know how many ways we can say ‘thank you,’” Iain said. “To support us two-years in a row, is one of the most humbling things ever.”

  Iain continued he was proud of the Kids Curing Cancer total fundraising effort, and that part of it went to supporting Mason’s organization and keeping his spirit alive.

  During the cheque presentation, the Kids Curing Cancer ambassadors were made permanent members of the Fight Like Mason Foundation. “You are part of the family now,” Iain said.

  In the near future, Chantelle said, the Fight Like Mason foundation will unveil more customized medical equipment for kids. The donation received on Friday helped with that project and also in supporting its community programs. In the past, the foundation customized IV poles for local youth battling cancer, which were decorated with fun themes, such as superheroes or princesses.

  Chantelle said it is so important for youth to support the Fight Like Mason Foundation because when Mason was battling Cancer, he was only four-years-old and did not yet go to school, which limited opportunity for him to make friends. Causes like this has grown Mason’s circle of friends with other kids.

  This year’s efforts brought the Kids Curing Cancer six-year fundraising total to $53, 911.

  Lauren thanked everyone involved in ensuring the fundraising went as well as it did.

  “We were completely blown away,” Lauren said when the calculations were finalized. “Nine-year-old me never would have believed it. I can’t wait to see what the Fight Like Mason Foundation will do with the donation.”

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