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Kinger’s Krazy Golf wraps up Legion Week

by Garrett Fodor

On Sunday morning, more than 70 golfers of all skill levels were prepared to tee-off in a golf tournament that is anything but traditional. 

This past weekend, Essex Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 201) wrapped-up its annual Legion Week festivities, which took place this year from September 18 to 25.

  It began the previous Sunday with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Essex Centre cenotaph and concluded with a crowd favourite, “Kinger’s Krazy Golf,” which was held at Royal 47 Golf Club.

  Each year, for more than two decades, the local Legion Branch concludes its Legion Week with the wacky golf event. It features the traditional game of golf, with a twist. Players have to take unique shots throughout the course, including teeing-off sitting down, putting with a wiffle ball bat, playing with a tennis racket, and a random shot selection, among others. 

“There are all sorts of crazy things we do in this tournament, just as a way to make the game of golf fun again,” Marc ‘Kinger’ Adams said, who is the Manager of Branch 201 and hosts the annual tournament. “Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, you have a fair shot at this tournament and that to me is an important part.”

  This year’s Legion Week in Essex Centre also offered a “Taste of the Town” event, featuring local food vendors, in addition to a dart tournament, cornhole competition, live entertainment, and other activities for members of the public to attend throughout the week. 

  “My favourite part would probably be just the comradeship with all the people coming in,’’ Adams said. “You see a lot of different people [who] are not members [come out] just to participate in the different events and it’s great just to see a bunch of different ones in. And sometimes you see guys you went to school with years ago that you haven’t seen for a while. That is just great.” 

  Legion Week dates back to 1953, and continues to be a way for Legions across the nation – as an organization that supports veterans and youth-activities – to connect with community members. It was originally designed to welcome the public into the Branch and see what goes on and how it supports the community.

Adams noted this year’s events were a huge success with great attendance at the activities held throughout the week. He thanked the Legion members, along with area residents, for their continued support of the Branch and Legion Week. 


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