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Kingsville Council endorses School Safety Zone at Gosfield North Public School

- the matter will be brought forward to County Council for consideration -

by Sylene Argent

During the regular Kingsville Council meeting on Monday evening, Council moved Deputy Mayor Gord Queen’s motion to approve and endorse the request for a School Safety Zone by Gosfield North Public School, with the necessary signage.

  The request will now be forward to the County of Essex for consideration, as Gosfield North Public School is located on County Road 27. Any changes need to also be approved at the County-level.

  Queen first brought this matter to the attention of Kingsville Council at the previous Council meeting, placing it as a Notice of Motion, so it could be discussed at the Monday, March 22 meeting.

  In addition, through the Notice of Motion, Kingsville Council received a letter of concern regarding speeding from a local parent and resident, and moved to forward a copy of the letter to the Kingsville Police Services Board.

  In the letter from the concerned parent, it claims there have been traffic issues in front of Gosfield North Public School for a long-time, but these issues are even more concerning this year, as more children are being driven to and from school.

In the letter, it continues that, due to the high-volume of drop-offs and pick-ups, there is a line of vehicles on the shoulder of the road in front of the school, waiting to get into the parking lot. At the same time, there is a smaller line waiting to turn left into the school as well.

Parents pulling out of the parking lot cannot see properly, due to the number of cars lined up on the shoulder, it is claimed in the letter. With vehicles, “Flying past the school at 80km per hour or more, it is literally an accident waiting to happen,” it notes in the letter.

  The letter writer wanted the speed limit to be reduce.

  Councillor Larry Patterson said there has been a struggle for drop-offs and picks-up at a number of schools. He did go to a couple schools to witness what was going on, and urged everyone to have patience with this matter.

  At the Wednesday, March 17 County Council meeting, Queen presented a Notice of Motion on this matter to County Council, so the matter can be discussed at the Wednesday, April 7 meeting.

  In the Notice of Motion to County Council, Queen noted he will ask County Council to review and make such further recommendations for the safety of parents and students in front of Gosfield North Public School, because health and safety of all residents is important, regardless of age.

  He noted then that the COVID pandemic has highlighted many problems within the community, and that teachers and children are experiencing challenges in getting to school safely in some spots.

  He also noted that on more than one occasion, parents have expressed concern about the speed and safety of picking-up and dropping-off their children at Gosfield North Public School.


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