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Kingsville offers Family Day fun

by Sylene Argent

The Town of Kingsville offered community members a few different ways they could spend Family Day, for free.

  On Monday, at the Kingsville Arena, those interested in improving their lifesaving skills were able to take a CPR Level A course, which the Town of Kingsville sponsored.

  Later in the afternoon, families were able to enjoy a free soup and sandwich lunch. The theme for the luncheon was “Stone Soup,” which offered not only a free meal, but a story of how important team work can be.

  Maggie Durocher, Kingsville’s Manager of Parks and Recreation for Programs and Events, explained, to her knowledge, there are a few versions of the “Stone Soup” story, but the one she is familiar with includes a few soldiers who had nothing to eat. The villagers in the town they were passing through said they did not have any food to spare. So, they began making stone soup. Soon after, villagers began to contribute to the pot. Before long, there was a big pot of soup for everyone to enjoy.

  The moral of the story passes along that, “when working together, we can make things happen,” Durocher said. The theme seemed suitable on Family Day, when there is a focus on spending time with loved ones.

  Following the free luncheon, families were invited to lace up to enjoy a free skate that the Kingsville Community Policing Committee and The Local Home Team sponsored.

  In addition to celebrating Family Day, the events held on Monday also provided great opportunities for the Town of Kingsville to promote the “Turn off the Screen” campaign, which encourages people to spend time together instead of focusing on their phones or other personal devices.

  This is not the first time Kingsville offered an afternoon filled with fun activities families could enjoy. Last year, a pasta dinner was held in conjunction with a game night.


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