Kingsville wraps up Halloween with annual Pumpkin Parade

by Sylene Argent

On Sunday – the day after Halloween - the Town of Kingsville gave jack-o-lanterns one last hurrah by hosting the 3rd annual Pumpkin Parade, which was held at Lakeside Park.

  For the event, residents were urged to drop off their festive pumpkins on Sunday afternoon, and volunteers lined them up throughout the park for an illuminated viewing later that evening.

  In all, around 300 pumpkins were displayed. It gave families a chance to show off their artwork to the community. In addition, guests were able to enjoy the pumpkin creations others made to decorate their own homes this past Halloween. Most of the jack-o-lanterns were equipped with a battery-operated light to enhance the evening viewing experience throughout Lakeside Park. Painted pumpkins submitted to the program were also displayed.

  Maggie Durocher, Manager of Programs for the Town of Kingsville, said the event went smoothly, and volunteers ensured COVID-19 safety measures were followed. The Pumpkin Parade had a great turn out of viewers because families are looking for activities in which they can participate, she noted.

  The Town of Kingsville’s Communities in Bloom Committee hosted the event, and generously handed each family that attended the illuminated viewing Hope Tulip bulbs, which will be sure to add to the beauty of home gardens throughout the community.

  Most of the pumpkins donated to the event were forwarded to a local farm after the Pumpkin Parade was completed, where they were used to feed animals. This, Durocher said, followed the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle mandate.