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Leamington Raceway welcomes new announcer, Nathan Bain

by Sylene Argent

When Nathan Bain was just 12-years-old, he called his first horse race, locally at the Leamington Raceway. When he asked if he could give announcing a try, he wasn’t sure if he would get the nod, but had to ask. He was thrilled the microphone was handed over to him.

  “I wanted to call a race, really bad,” Bain said. “I got the opportunity and I just fell in love with announcing.”

  When the announcing position came available at the Leamington Raceway recently, he made it known he was available to fill the position and was ready to take on the responsibility.

  “I was pretty thankful for the opportunity,” he said, noting it was a lot of fun, and a little nerve-wracking, to announce his first day on the job.

  Over the last few years, Bain, now 18-years-old, has been guest calling at nine different tracks across North America, including at Pompano Park in Florida, Western Fair Raceway in London, and Flamboro Downs in Hamilton, in addition to some tracks in Ohio. Being able to guest announce at these venues has certainly helped him get his name out in the industry.

  Bain, in his new role, also posts his own weekly picks; horses he thinks will win each race. “I got to be familiar with all the horses racing on that card, so I have to study them all and do some research on them to see who is the best and who I think will win that race.”

  Looking ahead into the future, Bain hopes to be able to call races full time, and thinks he is getting a head start at a young age. “I’m lucky I got a good start.”

  He enjoys the competitiveness of the industry, and noted there are a lot of great horses and people in the industry.

  “There is just so much about it I love,” he said, noting he is a third-generation racer, as the grandson of Tom Bain. He also enjoys delivering information to the public about the races. “It is an important role to the public.”

  In September, Bain will start studying in the three-year Advertising and Communications program at St. Clair College.

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