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Liberals announce Essex candidate

by Adam Gault

With time running out, the Ontario Liberals nominated an Essex candidate on Wednesday, May 16 in downtown Kingsville, less than 24 hours before the nomination deadline.

That nominee is Kate Festeryga, a 26-year old Kingsville native, who currently works as the Issues Manager and Legislative Assistant for Vaughan MPP Steven Del Duca at Queen’s Park.

Having also previously been involved as an organizer during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, Festeryga said that 2016 campaign solidified her belief in positive, progressive policies.

Festeryga explained although it is difficult for people to put their names down as a candidate during an election, it is especially hard for young women to do the same in putting themselves forward.

“I saw first hand on the Clinton campaign how tough it can be for women running against someone like Trump, or running against someone like Doug Ford,” Festeryga said.

Referring to a CBC debate from earlier that morning, Festeryga explained Essex MPP Taras Natyshak allegedly could not remember her name, repeatedly referring to Festeryga as “Katie” over the course of the exchange.

“It’s really hard for women just to make a space for themselves, especially in a field that’s so dominated by men, if they’re not even willing to acknowledge us as we hope to be called, as we’ve explicitly asked to be called, how can we expect them to represent us?”

Despite that, Festeryga wants the local economy to be put first and foremost as part of her representation in Ontario’s Legislature.

“Windsor-Essex has such an integral part of our economy in the province, that it is not having a strong enough voice for its importance in this province, and that’s not okay,” Festeryga explained. “From our greenhouses, to our wineries, to the auto sector, to the manufacturing supply chain. These are so important, and these are things that need to be preserved.”

This would include investments in industries at the local level, including the automotive and agrarian sectors.

“We’re moving forward to ensure that this area specifically has a voice at the table, and that manufacturing is further preserved, and that we’re diversifying our economy.”

Festeryga also stressed her and her party’s commitment to healthcare as part of OHIP+, which will include prescription coverage for children, youth, and seniors, and funding towards the Windsor Mega-Hospital.

With her already established two-years of experience in navigating the challenges in the Queen’s Park environment, Festeryga feels she is best situated to make sure Essex has a voice at the provincial level.

“I’ve been communicating issues that I believe, from living in Essex County my entire life, that making sure that our voices are heard at the table, where Taras Natyshak has not been,” Festeryga explained. “I know how to work in a ministry, as a Minister, and as [an] MPP, and how to really work in an opposition government. Because I know how governments are run, and I know how to work with them.”

To learn more about Kate Festeryga and her campaign, visit


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