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Lieutenant Governor Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell visits Lakeshore

submitted to EFP

The Lieutenant Governor made an official visit to the Town of Lakeshore’s Atlas Tube Centre on Tuesday, February 26.

Her Honour met with Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain, as well as leaders in the community, for a roundtable discussion on economic growth in Lakeshore and surrounding municipalities.  

The roundtable theme on economic growth included discussion on accomplishments, sustainability, and challenges in Lakeshore and the region.  It was evident from the discussions that community leaders are positive about the region’s future.

The Lieutenant Governor encouraged everyone to continue to work together and was delighted to hear about the strong sense of place and belonging the people of the Essex region share and celebrate.

Her Honour enjoys convening and connecting with Ontarians to think long-term about the future and plan together to achieve collective goals. She encouraged everyone to let the rest of Ontario and the world know about the hidden gem that is Lakeshore and the Essex Region.  She saw Lakeshore as a home of builders and growers and looks forward to telling Lakeshore’s story.


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