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Local renovator wants to help others

by Sylene Argent  

For the past year, Luke Penner of Kingsville has worked hard to lift his home renovation business off the ground.

  In that time, just like any new business owner, there have been ups and downs, but the experience has been rewarding and already he wants to show the community just how grateful he is for the all support he has received across Essex County.

  Penner, who completes renovation projects, is looking to help individuals and families in need by offering free help, once a month. These types of projects would include him lending a hand to complete small yard projects or cleaning up a yard on a Sunday.

  “I would like to give back a bit,” Penner said, who has been completing home renovation projects since he was around 13-years old.

  Since he has announced this small project initiative, Penner has already been contacted by a few individuals and families who could use a hand. He hopes being able to complete small projects, like changing electrical plugs or putting up a gate, will make a big difference in their lives.

   “Things are going good for me. It is nice to be able to help people out,” he said.

  In addition, a few others with similar skills have stepped forward to offer their help to these small projects, too. He is looking forward to forming partnerships with others to offer the small project work.

  With an already packed worked schedule, Penner joked sometimes he thinks he is a bit crazy to add more to his to-do list, but he knows his schedule will get better with time and wants to offer the help as he experiences his own business journey. “We need to help each other. It goes along way,” he said.

Anyone who would like to reach out to Penner can do so by emailing


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