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Meet Major Jim Hann

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by Garrett Fodor

For Major Jim Hann, the Salvation Army has been a part of his entire life and it is something he always embraced. He is the newest ministerial leader at the Essex Salvation Army.

The now 59-year old, Brantford native and Corps Officer looks back on his youth fondly. Major Jim describes himself as a “child of the regiment” with both of his parents serving as Officers in the Salvation Army for four decades before retiring. As a result, he and his two siblings (an older brother and younger sister) traveled around Ontario usually every two years with his parents being stationed in different towns and churches. 

Fast forward 32-years and it is only fitting that Major Jim is following the career path shown by his parents and is now stationed at the Salvation Army Essex Community Church.

Hann said he enjoys being stationed in small communities where he is able to get to know the people well and immerse himself in the community. He adds his seven ministerial appointments and childhood have taken him to various places from Langley, British Columbia to Orangeville, Ontario and most recently to the Hespeler Community Church in Cambridge. He is grateful to the Salvation Army for taking him across the country while making memories and gaining new friends along the way, which he said he would not have done had he stayed close to home. 

He began his journey in 1979 when he left home to obtain his BA at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, before he went on to graduate studies at the Toronto School of Theology. Hann went to Toronto in 1985 for Officer Training at the Salvation Army’s College. He was ordained commissioned in 1987, being stationed seven different times, twice in British Columbia and the remainder in Ontario. 

While only being here a short time, Major Jim said Essex is a lovely town. He likes the murals and how they lend character to the landscape. He is taking over for Major Sam Roberts who recently retired.

He adds that one of the good things about The Salvation Army’s way of transferring people to various communities is that churches are exposed to different people who bring a variety of skills and passions to multiple churches, through the years. He hopes that the church and the community will find his ministry complementary to what Major Sam offered. 

Hann is impressed on how welcoming the community has been to he and his wife, Judy. He added that when he was given his new appointment, Major Sam said he was coming into paradise and Hann agrees. He is happy to find things much as he was told by the departing Roberts.

Major Jim is excited to continue to get to know everyone in the congregation and community. He looks forward to his time in Essex. 


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