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Milan Lobana earns EDHS Governor General Award

by Sylene Argent

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Having earned a grade 11 and 12 combined average of 98.8 percent, recent Essex District High School (EDHS) graduate Milan Lobana was pleased to receive the Governor General Award for the 2020-2021 school year in recognition of his academic efforts.

  The local student admits he loves to learn, and the great teachers he has had at the local high school made earning those high grades fun.

  Lobana is no stranger to earning the top grade amongst his peers. He was the winner of the coveted Proficiency Award in grade 10 and 11, and is waiting to hear about the results for grade 12.

  Earning the Governor General Award was something Lobana hoped to achieve, but he did not put a lot of pressure on himself.

  “It felt really good,” Lobana said of learning he had earned the award. “It wasn’t just me who got that. I really want to give credit to my teachers, friends, and parents.” 

Studying, he added, is fun to do with friends, especially when they are knowledgeable about the material as well. “It is good to share ideas and problem-solve. It is fun.”

  Doing well in school has always been important to the local student. “It has always been a pretty big focus for me. It makes me feel confident for university,” he said, adding he also enjoys learning new information.

  In class, Lobana said he really enjoyed Mrs. Gagne’s math class and Mr. Muldoon’s biology class. “I liked a lot more classes than I didn’t like, because all the teachers at the school are very good,” he commented.

  Throughout his high school journey, Lobana balanced out being a top student with being a top track and field athlete. “It helps a lot to keep my mind fresh,” he said of being involved with athletics. “I feel like I do a lot better in school when I’m balanced with sports and stuff.”

  Lobana participated in the triple jump, long jump, and the 400-meter.  

  In 2018, he earned first place in the Midget Triple Jump at an OFSAA event, securing him as the top athlete in the province in that division at the time. He also set a personal record, jumping 13.38 meters. In addition, he placed 5th with teammates in the 4x100m relay.

  The following year, Lobana and teammates earned silver in the Junior Boys’ 4x100m relay at OFSAA, in addition to earning a silver in the Junior Boys’ long jump and gold in Junior Boys’ triple jump. 

  This fall, Lobana will attend the University of Windsor to start studying biological sciences, with future hopes of attending med school.

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