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Model train enthusiasts blow off steam during 25th annual Essex Train Show

by Julianna Bonnett

Since 1995, thanks to community support, Heritage Essex has been able to create one of the largest annual model train shows in Southwestern Ontario, which offers a wide-variety of vendors who display model trains. This past weekend, Heritage Essex’s Train Show celebrated 25 years of enjoyment.

  On Saturday and Sunday, Essex Public School was opened to the public so interested community members could look over model train displays, that various clubs had set up for the occasion, as they rode around their tracks. In addition, around 60 vendor tables were set up on site that offered toy trains, engines, parts, and accessories, for sale.

  Event organizer, Marnie Aldridge, said the weekend event was a celebration for her and many locals.

  “This all started off at the local train station, moved to the Legion, and then moved to the high school,” Aldridge said. “From there, we moved to the public school here, and it’s been a great experience every single year.”

  According to Aldridge, the show keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.

  “It just keeps getting bigger, not only talking about our audience, but talking about the number of vendors we are getting each year. This year, we kept getting calls everyday for new vendors and we even have some from out of town.”

  Over the two-day event, many visitors and train enthusiasts were able to learn about their local history and purchase some of the figurines.

  “I just have a smile on my face today,” President of Heritage Essex, Tony Malkowski, said. “I have been passionate about trains and the history of Essex for so many years. I just love sharing it with our public.”


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