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MPP Taras Natyshak reflects on 2019, looks ahead to New Year

by Sylene Argent

While reflecting on the last past year, Essex MPP Taras Natyshak said 2019 was good for the region as he said there has been steady growth in terms of the economy and prosperity.

  When looking back to the 2008 recession, Natyshak said, the region struggled a lot. “We can not forget the lessons of that time,” he said of that economic meltdown, adding currently the region has stable footing when it comes to housing and business development.

  Affordable housing, he said, is an important issue. People are finding it hard to find affordable housing. All three tiers of government need to address this issue and a comprehensive plan needs to be created, he commented.

  Last year, Natyshak added, high water levels were noticed in the region, in addition to the trouble farmers faced out in the fields due to Vomitoxin

  “We have to do our part as a province to lessen the carbon footprint,” Natyshak said, adding a transition has to take place where there the reliance is no longer on fossil fuels.

  Looking ahead into 2020, Natyshak said he will continue to press for the acute care hospital to be built on County Road 42. The ball is currently in the government’s court to bring the project into the next phase, he said, since the Tribunal rejected CAMPP’s appeal last month.

  Diversity and determination are the region’s strength, Natyshak said. People see value in fighting climate change and supporting education, he commented as the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) continues to hold rotating strikes in opposition of the province wanting to increase class sizes and introduce mandatory online classes. The Union is also striking for compensation for educators as when bargaining, the province has offered a one-percent max increase per year. OSSTF is looking to have that increased to around two-percent to keep in line with the cost of living increases.

  “It is always a better investment when we collaborate than when we go it alone.”

  When back at Queen’s Park, he will be looking for policy initiatives for those issues.

  “We have to collaborate to make life better in the province,” he said. “Putting minds and hearts together for a common purpose is when we see success. I hope that happens at the provincial level.”

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