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Outgoing County Warden looks back on his time as Mayor of Mayors

by Kyle Reid

After serving as the Warden of Essex County Council, Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain is stepping away from County Council’s head chair to spend more time with friends and family.

Bain is concluding his ninth year as Warden, including a one-year term when he held the position in 1993 as the Mayor of the old Rochester Township, as his last.

“It’s a seven day a week job,” Bain said. “Between being the Mayor and the Warden, if there’s not an event in the municipality it’s in the County. In discussing it with my wife, we just decided we needed to spend a little more time at home.”

Over those terms, Bain pointed to the elimination of the County’s debt, as well as building strong relationships with the City of Windsor and the provincial government, as personal highlights during his time as Warden.

Now, Bain’s departure means newly elected Essex County Council members will choose a new Warden. His successor will be decided at the first meeting of the new County Council on December 12.

As Mayor of Lakeshore, Bain will continue sitting on County Council for the next four years. He said two of the biggest challenges facing the new Warden and County Council will be establishing a new regional hospital and the long-running battle to expand Highway 3.

With a new Warden taking on those responsibilities, Bain has some advice for his successor.

“I’d just like to make [my successor] aware that it’s quite time consuming,” Bain said with a laugh. “But, I think that we’re headed in the right direction; we’re a leader in southwestern Ontario. Keep things going in the direction we’re going, but there’s still an awful lot to get done.”

Looking back over his time as Warden, Bain said it’s been a fun ride and he’s looking forward to continuing his work with County Council.

“I’ve enjoyed it extremely,” Bain said. “It’s been great; I’ve had an extremely supportive County Council over the past eight years…that’s where we all benefit, when we work together.”

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