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Over 1200 served through Cottam United Church’s 75th annual turkey dinner

by Sylene Argent & photos submitted by Rick Mayea.

75-years ago, the parishioners at Cottam United Church wanted a way to celebrate the American cottagers, who supported vegetable stands and other local shops in the area as they headed to their cottages this side of the border on their Thanksgiving weekend, so they started hosting a turkey dinner.

  Last Thursday evening, the annual tradition continued, and 1213 patrons were served, thanks to the dedication and talent of the over 100 individuals who volunteered to help prepare the food and serve the long-line of customers. Some of the volunteers helped out that day, while others prepared dishes for the event for days in advance.

  Due to the pandemic, this was the second year in a row where the event did not offer in-dining seating, but doubled-down on take-out efforts. The take-out method has allowed

the volunteers with the Church to sell around 200 more meals than the traditional sit and take-out method as the volunteers are able to serve more.

  “We did incredibly well,” One of this year’s organizers, Rick Mayea, noted.

  The success of the event is that it is community-based, Mayea said, adding the volunteers serve-up a good meal.

  In celebration of its 75th year, all the meals were served in a tote bag emblazoned with the businesses that sponsored the event.

  Mayea noted the event was a big success as a countless list of volunteers prepared 1000lbs of potatoes, 1400lbs of turkey, and 100 kilograms of peas to feed the many take-out guests.

  “I think it is a great event. I am looking forward to doing it again next year,” Mayea said.

  In addition to the meals sold, Mayea noted another 200 meals were delivered to support individuals who utilize the services at the Downtown Mission.

  The proceeds from this year’s event will go towards beautification efforts in the downtown Cottam area, such as for park benches, Mayea noted.


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