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Retirees’ liver and onion luncheon returns

Last Tuesday morning, several volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help prepare for the liver and onions luncheon fundraiser, which was hosted at the Essex Retirees’ Social Club.

by Sylene Argent

With the success of the Liver and Onion Luncheon hosted in January, the Essex Retirees’ Social Club opened the clubhouse to the public on Tuesday, August 21 to host yet another edition of this unique fundraiser.

  Though many may wrinkle their noses at the thought of a liver lunch, Essex Retirees’ Social Club President and Liver and Onion Luncheon coordinator, Judy Kelly, was pleased with the turnout.

  “We had 20 people come out. That’s a good group. Plus, there was takeout available,” Kelly said.

  As Kelly thanked patrons for their support as they exited the facility, after having had their fill, many forwarded their gratitude for the luncheon and sent along their compliments for having been able to enjoy a tasty and well-prepared meal.

   Kelly was grateful to those who supported the luncheon, and to the many volunteers who offered their time, and expertise in the kitchen, to help out. The dedication contributed to the success of the fundraiser.  

  The luncheon provided club members and local residents an opportunity to socialize, enjoy a homemade lunch, and learn about the programs and services available at the Essex Retirees’ Social Club.

  The event was hosted also as a fundraiser for the Essex Retirees’ Social Club, which hosts a variety of programs for its membership.

  Betty Lou Frith, Executive Director of the Club, said Zumba enthusiasts are currently being sought to participate in the fall program, which will begin on Monday, September 17 at 2:30 p.m. Anyone interested in getting involved or would like to learn more, such as cost to participate, can contact the Essex Retirees’ Social Club by calling (519) 776-6689.

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