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Retirees serve-up spaghetti during cold spell

These members of the Essex Retirees’ Social Club show off some of the dessert trays that were available to snack upon during last Thursday’s spaghetti luncheon.

by Sylene Argent

Last Thursday, the Essex Retirees’ Social Club offered its members and area residents a chance to fight those winter blues, in the middle of a cold spell, when it offered a spaghetti luncheon as a fundraiser.  

  Club members were impressed with the around 60 individuals who came out to enjoy a hot meal, while supporting the Club.

  They acknowledged club member Marion Bruce made the spaghetti for the event.

  The funds raised through this endeavour, they noted, will put into the general fund to support maintaining the clubhouse and ensuring its members can continue to enjoy the many programs offered that create opportunities to be social or to get some exercise.

  Past spaghetti luncheons proved to be successful, so that is why it was selected for the most recent event. After lunch, those who wanted to stick around were invited to participate in a potluck dessert, and later in the afternoon, play games and enjoy an afternoon of fun, indoors and away from the cold.

  The membership tries to host a different event each month. Typically, the events are a club fundraiser, in some way, and help attract new members by offering an opportunity for those interested in potentially joining, to learn about the benefits.

  For instance, on February 19, the Essex Retirees’ Social Club will host its annual soup tasting contest. Those interested in entering a crockpot-sized dish are urged to contact the club at (519) 776-6689. As this is a public event, everyone is invited to attend to taste-test the submissions and cast a ballot as to which soup was their favourite. OPP personnel will also be onsite to determine the top tasting entrants, which could win a prize, in addition to bragging rights.   

  A fairly new fundraiser the Essex Retirees’ is the selling of frozen pies. Apple, beef and pork, and chicken pot pies are available to order.


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