Retirement drive-through hosted for Fr. Dave Boutette

by Julianna Bonnett

On Sunday, community members were invited to wish Father Dave Boutette well during a celebratory retirement event that was hosted at Holy Name of Jesus Church with a different spin, due to COVID-19.

  For more than six years, Father Boutette has been the Priest at Holy Name of Jesus Church. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the church was not allowed to have a normal retirement party, but they still celebrated by allowing well wishes delivered to Father Boutette Dave from their cars.


“I’m happy for him that he can retire, while he still has his health,” Church Secretary, Wendy Cunningham, said. “We were supposed to have a big open house for him with all of his friends and a bunch of people from the community, and we are still hoping to have that in the near future, but for right now, the idea of having a drive-through just seemed to work out well.”

  More than 100 cars drove up to the church to visit Father Boutette to give their thanks and share some memories.

  “It’s a bittersweet day,” Father Boutette said. “I had no idea they were even planning this for me ‘till I read the paper the other day. I have plans for my retirement, and even though it’s not the most ideal way to go out, I’m still very blessed.”

  Father Boutette plans on moving to Amherstburg with a lovely view of the river and being close to his family, while still visiting and helping with the church as much as he can.

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