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Rotarian Ross Levy honoured during memorial event

by Sylene Argent

On Sunday evening, the 2nd Cottam Scouting unit and the Cottam Rotary Club hosted a memorial event inside the pavilion at Cottam Rotary Park to pay tribute to and honour the legacy of the late Ross Levy.

  Levy passed away on October 10 of last year at the age of 70, after he led a life dedicated to community service.

  “Ross was a leader and motivator, and often my sounding board,” Cottam Rotary Club President Jamie Heinrichs said, noting his Rotary mentor had been involved in the service club for 47-years before he passed.

  With so many years of experience with Rotary, Levy brought a lot of wisdom of the past to the table, but knew when change would be beneficial for the club, Heinrichs added.

  In addition to being involved with the Cottam Rotary Club, Levy was also a member of the Essex Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 201) and the Harrow Fair Board.

  Levy was remembered for being an individual who could calm a heated debate with reason and wisdom, and for his annual barbeques that he held in conjunction with the Cottam Rotary Club’s Christmas Tree Sales.  

  Growing up, Dan Levy – one of Levy’s sons – did not recognize all his father had done for the community. During the event, Dan said “In a lot of ways, neither did he. He didn’t do it for the recognition. He did it because it needed to be done,” he said.

  During the event, the Cottam Rotary Club and 2nd Cottam Scouts handed out candles, which were lit, so that Levy’s light could live on in those who knew him.  An “End of the Trail” ceremony was also held, which is a symbolic display using stones in the honour of someone who as “gone home.”

  In addition, a Red Maple Tree and plaque was dedicated in his honour.

  The Town of Kingsville was thanked for supporting the event. Kingsville’s Deputy Mayor Gord Queen attended the event and noted that the success of a community is dependent on people like Levy, whose contributions make a community great.

  After the completion of the event, Sandy Levy, Ross’s wife, said the ceremony was more than she expected. She thanked those who organized the event and those who attended.

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