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Scouting celebrated in Cottam

by Garrett Fodor

Friends, family members, and politicians alike gathered at Cottam United Church to celebrate the continuation and growth of one local youth-orientated group, and the youth it serves, on the evening of Tuesday, May, 28.

  In September of 2018, the 2nd Cottam Scouting Group was launched, ending a dormant period of scouting in Cottam. 

  During a special ceremony last Tuesday evening, the community celebrated the Scouting group’s second year of operation, and also the graduation of youths involved in 2nd Cottam Scouts into their next scouting group, Cubs or Scouts. Those who attended the celebration had the opportunity to watch the meeting and the badge presentation ceremony, and were also able to participate in a barbecue and bonfire to wrap up the evening.

2nd Cottam Scouting Commissioner, Fay Lawn, leads the group, along with several other experienced Scouters.

Lawn said the idea to bring scouting back to Cottam originally came from convenience and wanting to be closer to home. Many parents were driving to Kingsville for scouting. She added it is important to have scouting in the community because the organization offers valuable principles to children by providing them with opportunities to participate in physical activity, and to help them grow their creativity and intellectual capabilities.

2nd Cottam currently has 12 beavers and 12 cubs in its respective groups. It will also launch its first scout troop in September, which three youths are already registered. She added that putting the group together was possible due to various organizations helping the process, along with other scouting groups in Windsor and Essex County as well. Lawn said it is important for all the groups to work and thrive together.

  Also announced at the ceremony was the addition of Scouts Canada signs being added to the Cottam signs, to recognize scouting being a part of the community.

  “On Monday night, the request came to [Kingsville] Council to add the signs and there was not any doubt. The only question was where would be the best spot to put them,” Kingsville Deputy Mayor Gord Queen said. “I think Scouting is very important in our community and I think the link between the Cottam Rotary group and the Cottam United Church just boost this community.”

  Lawn added 2nd Cottam could not have been made possible without the support of individuals and organizations throughout the community. 2nd Cottam proudly displays its ‘Wall of Gratitude’ inside Cottam United Church for those who have helped along the way.

  2nd Cottam meets at Cottam United Church. For those interested in more information or registering their youth in scouting, visit

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