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Seven-year-old sells over 100 bracelets to purchase warming packages for the homeless

by Sylene Argent

Essex youth, Autumn Edwards, may only be seven-years-old, but she is certainly proving to be wise beyond her years. Currently, she is working hard at creating stylish bracelets to sell, and is using the proceeds from her labour of love to put together warming packages that will include socks, a scarf, mittens, a toque, and a piece of jerky as a source of protein for homeless individuals.

  So far, the talented, young crafter has made and sold over 100 of her unique accent pieces, since mid-August. She is hoping to continue to work away, so she can help as many people – youth and adults – in need as she can before the cold weather hits.

  The idea to create the warming packages came to fruition because of a few happenstances. Last year, the Easter Bunny brought her a bracelet making kit, which sparked her interest in crafting. Also, last year, she was visiting a family friend of the family with her mom, Darlene, and saw a few homeless individuals. To see people without a warm bed or place to live was heartbreaking for the budding philanthropist. So, she made a few warming packages and wanted to continue that tradition on this year, using her newly acquired crafting skills to finance her endevour.

  She contemplated on making necklaces, but decided on bracelets as the main source of money for her warming packages, because they are smaller and could appeal to a larger demographic. She is making bracelets in adult and children sizes.

  Darlene also spoke about a conversation that popped up last year, while driving with her daughter along the 401. She had asked her mom what she would do if she became Prime Minister. Darlene said she would take better care of the elderly, then turned the question back onto her daughter, who announced she would live in a big house, like the White House, and would live with all the homeless people because she would not need all those rooms to herself.

  Many of Edwards’s friends and family members, in addition to her mom’s coworkers, have bought bracelets to support her endevour to date.  

  So far, Edwards said demand on her little enterprise has been busy, with new orders coming in all the time. And, that support has sold more bracelets than she thought she would.

  Next month, Edwards and her family will head to the Downtown Mission to hand out the warming packages. They will also leave some in parks, with a little note, in hopes they will get to someone in need.

  Edwards plans on hosting the fundraiser next year, too, because she knows the items given out this year could get lost or damaged by that time.

  “She has a very caring heart,” Darlene said of her daughter, adding she has been impressed she has stuck with the plan.

  Anyone interesting in ordering a bracelet or forwarding a donation to the cause, can email Darlene at


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