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Shodeo gets back in the saddle

by Garrett Fodor

From vaulting and gymnastics to synchronized riding and dogs running the agility course, there was something entertaining, for everyone to watch, at Lazee G Horse Ranch last weekend.

  Lazee G Ranch, in Maidstone, opened its barn doors to the public to host its first “Shodeo” event in three-years. A crowd pleaser for the Equestrian training centre, the event featured a showing Saturday, with a second showing Sunday afternoon. Spanning over two-hours, the event offered choreographed equestrian riding, jumping, and dancing from the various riders across the farm’s riding school programs.

“We are extremely happy to be back and able to host events like this on the grounds once again,” Brenda Gagnon, owner of Lazee G Ranch, said. “We have a lot of families excited to once again watch their rider. This event is something our riders train for and one of their favourite events, so it is great to return and have audiences out at the farm again.”

  Gagnon noted it is the first major event the ranch has been able to hold in over two-years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While they have hosted other smaller events, she noted this one is a crowd favourite and she enjoys seeing all the young children and families out at the farm, visiting the various animals. According to Gagnon, the Shodeo has a history dating back over 20-years. 

  The performance featured over 20 different kinds of horses being presented with over 30 performers partaking in the Shodeo. Along with the horses and the riders, there was also a chance for the youth in the audience to have a chance to get involved in the action, riding miniature ponies. Breaking up the display was also a performance from the Border City Barkers, featuring over 10 different dogs demonstrating a variety of agility tricks and races, from vaults to high jumps.

  “We have tried to really make this a family event and have something for everyone,” Gagnon said. “There is a chance for people to see the horses and the dogs, but also the farm animals we have and a chance for attendees to ride a pony. Our riders took a lot of time to practice and perform, horses were in costume. The Shodeo has really grown.”

  Gagnon thanked everyone who attended the event and the volunteers, who helped throughout the weekend.

 Information for more up and coming events and programs offered by Lazee G Ranch can be found online at its website,, or on its social media page.


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