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Statutory public meeting held to consider amendments to the General Zoning Bylaw

On Monday evening, a Statutory Public Meeting was held so Essex Council could consider an amendment to the General Zoning Bylaw 1037.

  Applicants approached Council to requesting a change in zoning to add the storage of fireworks as an additional permitted use to the existing A1.1 (general agriculture) zoning, by supplementary regulation.

  The report to Council notes the fireworks will be stored in a new pole barn built in accordance with federal regulations in the center of the 52-acre property and in onsite storage containers.

  The applicants intend to build a 15,000 square foot pole barn (to be setback around 1000 feet from the front lot line providing an 850-foot to 900-foot separation from adjacent dwellings), built to federal government standards, for the storage of fireworks.

  A dwelling is also proposed in accordance with the existing A1.1 provisions.

  This will go before Council on April 15. Council will then decide. If Council decides yes, a bylaw will follow.

  Council received the report.

  Part of the conversation noted a driveway is quite close to an adjacent property, and asked if it could be moved. The applicant noted he was willing to move it.

  In the plan, it was noted during the meeting, is to get down to 8 shipping crates. There are currently 26.

  There was question as to grandfathering of the associated bylaw as the shipping crates were placed on the property before a bylaw regulating a max of two was passed around a year-and-a-half ago.

  The facility is licensed through Natural Resources Canada. It was noted the applicant has been in operation for 30 years, and has been operated on the property in question for around seven years, and to date has not had an accident.

  He is willing to put a pond and fire hydrant on the property.

  Concerns heard from residents include the road’s ability to handle a perceived increase in truck traffic, potentially having contaminants affect well water, willingness to follow a bylaw or policy, and if the property is sold, what could go in there next.

  Council will make a decision at the April 15 meeting of Council.


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