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Steam & Gas Engine Museum hosts annual Christmas Bazaar

by Sylene Argent

For around the past five years, members of the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum have helped usher in the holiday season with hosting its Christmas Bazaar.

  Gary Struhar, President of the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum, explained the event is a fundraiser for the local facility.

  The Christmas Bazaar offered a hall full of vendors’ tables, each offering homemade or unique items for sale ahead of the holiday shopping rush. Volunteers with the Museum also prepared a hotdog and hamburger lunch for sale to help raise a little extra money.

  Considering there were plenty of events to choose from over the weekend, Struhar was pleased with the overall turnout of the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum’s Christmas Bazaar.   

The funds raised will help cover operating costs that keep the Museum going and support the annual Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Show, an annual attraction that highlights agricultural history, which will take place between August 9-11 in 2019.

  Looking ahead, Struhar said, the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum will offer a few new displays, which will give visitors something new to see when visiting. 


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