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Survey says: Harrow family wants to be on Family Feud Canada

- The Teves family is looking for online support to help pave the way -

by Sylene Argent

The Teves family of Harrow loves game shows and trivia, and spending time together. So, when they learned Family Feud Canada was hosting auditions for its show, Nancy Teves, Mike Teves, Jaycee Teves, Zelia Abdulkader, and Bella Silva-Cacilhas put their heads together to make their best attempt at getting on their beloved game show.

  Team Teves made an attempt to get on the show last year, after deciding on the idea while gathered at Tim Hortons. They made it all the way to the second audition, but didn’t make the show’s competitors’ list. They were, however, told they could reapply in the future. This time, they are determined to catch the eyes of the show’s producers and host, Canadian comedian, Gerry Dee, Abdulkader explained. “We just don’t want them to forget about us,” she said.

  “We didn’t create much buzz last time. We want Family Feud to know we are serious,” Silva-Cacilhas said, jokingly adding she and her teammates are good at answering Family Feud questions from the comfort of their couches.  

  The hopefully soon-to-be star-studded family members noted they already had their first audition, via Zoom, for their second attempt at getting on the show.

  To ramp up support, Team Teves has taken to social media to ramp up support, and has been overwhelmed with the backing they have been shown. With its Facebook page just over a week old, the group was excited to get over 700 page likes and has reached over 23,000 people.

  To gather additional support, the group also created their first video, and support for their endeavour exploded after that point, the quick-witted group noted.  

  They were especially excited to see that Family Feud Canada acknowledged their efforts on its own social media account.

  “That means they noticed us. That has to be a good sign,” Nancy said, surrounded by her teammates on Sunday in Harrow, before they shot their second video, which was scripted with a “Wizard of Oz” theme.

  Team Teves hopes the second video will earn them a call from the show, noting they will be future competitors. That would be “a good answer!” they cheered.

  “It has been fun, not at all like work,” Jaycee said of making the videos and manning social media accounts.

  Mike noted their audition tape was taken in just one shot, “It took more takes to teach grandpa how to turn on the TV,” he joked, noting he and his family members are hilariously quirky.

Silva-Cacilhas said it would be great to represent Harrow, a small town, on the show. Already, local store owners and strangers are recognizing them from their online presence and are asking if they had gotten the call from the show yet.

  “We are sassy, we are hilarious. We put the feud in Family,” Silva-Cacilhas quipped.

  Nancy said Team Teves is asking for community support to help this local team get on Family Feud Canada. Liking and sharing their social media pages, or videos, should help them get closer to earning a spot on the show.

  For more information, or to show support, visit, or @familyfeudteves on Instagram.

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