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Team Teves reflects on Family Feud experience

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Photo submitted from CBC

by Sylene Argent

Last week, the Teves family of Harrow had their episode of Family Feud Canada finally premiered for all to see.

  The team consisted of Nancy Teves, Bella Silva-Cacilhas, Zelia Abdulkader, Jaycee Teves, and Mike Teves. They learned they were accepted to be a team on the game show in September, after participating in two online auditions and creating a few fun videos for their social media pages.

  “We enjoyed ourselves,” Silva-Cacilhas said of being on the game show. “It was a nail-biter of a game.”

  Jaycee, whose bracelet went flying off while trying to buzz in when it was her turn in the hot seat, said one of her favourite questions asked during their episode was, “Name something that might annoy you about being married to a game show host.”

  She explained host, Gerry Dee, was hilarious in collecting questions from the contestants, and the responses were just a good. “It was very funny,” she said.

  The Teves family, in promoting themselves for the show, showed a lot of charm and wit. Jaycee said that is genuinely how her family is. “How you saw us on T.V. is how we are in real life.”

  “He fed off our energy,” Nancy added of Dee’s role as host of the show.

  Nancy added she and her teammates knew there would be challenges with being under pressure to quickly come up with answers to the questions asked, and it was even harder than they thought. She noted contestants only have three seconds to answer and it could be hard to focus.

  Abdulkader agreed with Nancy, admitting her own nerves got to her on stage, and said Dee, as the host, was very funny and engaging on set.

  Mike added that with answering personal questions to the host, and having fun interacting with him, it was easy to forget they were there to play a game.

  “There’s a lot going on,” he said.

  The Teves family was disappointed they were not able to give a shout-out to their hometown during the show, but could not have been happier with the support they received throughout the whole experience.

Although they were disappointed they did not get to return for a second episode, they were pleased to be involved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

   “We are ready for a redemption episode,” Jaycee joked with a laugh. "Our fans said we were robbed.” She noted her team carried a lead for most of the game.

  Silva-Cacilhas said that the big take-a-way from their participation on Family Feud Canada is that nothing is impossible. If one works hard enough towards a goal, it can happen.

  “We are still getting people from all over Canada messaging us. That’s the big take-a-way. We accomplished something,” Silva-Cacilhas added.

  “We watched game shows all our lives, it was our goal to be on one. I didn’t think it was possible. To be there, together as a family, we had each others’s backs,” Mike said, noting he plans to create a documentary/blog about the experience to showcase the hard work everyone on his team put in. “I’m excited to tell that story,” he said.

  Over 2,000 families from across the nation applied to compete in the show, and 650 families were invited to audition virtually for the show’s second season. During season two of Family Feud Canada, around 130 families will compete on air during a stretch of 104 episodes.

  Anyone who has not seen the Teves family episode of Family Feud Canada, and would like to, can watch it online with the CBC Gem app.  

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