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Tony Boudreau presented with 2022 Community Heritage Preservation Award

by Sylene Argent

Photo submitted by the Town of Essex

In an effort to thank and recognize area residents who have dedicated themselves to preserving and promoting the area’s local, rich history, the Essex Municipal Heritage Committee annually presents Community Heritage Preservation awards to deserving individuals.

  During the Essex Council meeting on Tuesday, February 22, Rita Jabbour, Manager of Planning Services, virtually recognized resident Tony Boudreau with the 2022 Community Heritage Preservation Award on behalf of the Essex Municipal Heritage Committee.

  Members of the Essex Municipal Heritage Committee selected Boudreau, who works for Boudreau Construction, for this year’s award in recognition of his preservation work on the former Langford’s Dairy Bar building, located at 71 King Street West in Harrow.

  Presently, the building houses the Full Circle Thrift Shop on the main floor, in addition to residential tenants on the second floor, Jabbour noted.  

  Jabbour said Boudreau was nominated by a member of the public, who – in her nomination application to the members of the Essex Municipal Heritage Committee – noted she first noticed Boudreau’s attention to heritage preservation as she watched the refurbishing of the historic building.

  “I witnessed with curiosity the progression of the revival of this heritage building work,” Jabbour said, reading the nominator’s words. “I was glad to see that this charming and historic, and quite sizable building, was not demolished or modernized, but preserved and cared for and brought to new life, without having its original charm compromised.”

  The nominator continued, “I was beyond delighted when the original Langford’s Dairy Bar tiled sign was revealed, after the more recent façade was removed. I have been further delighted and pleased that since the work was done years ago, the original sign remains intact, unchanged, and preserved.”

  The sign “still remains a wonderful reminder of times past, as does the well-kept building.”  

  The nominator was further impressed with Boudreau’s care for history when she heard he offered to tour the building and offer his professional advice – at no charge – when Heritage Colchester sought advice on the condition of the Colchester Schoolhouse, a local heritage site its committee members are working to preserve.

  “It is my hope that by virtue of this award, individuals like Mr. Boudreau – other builders, renovators, and homeowners – will be encouraged to similarly preserve our rich-built history when making renewal decisions.”

  Boudreau, the nominator added, “Is a true champion for our local history and heritage preservation.”

  Boudreau will receive a commemorative plaque.

  “Thank you for the award, I really appreciate it,” an emotional Boudreau said. “Growing up in Harrow, it means a lot. We are proud of our town.”

  Boudreau noted many individuals worked to restore the former Langford’s Dairy Bar building and he was grateful to have their help. “I am really proud of the building and I am glad to be able to do it.”

  Harrow rep on Council, Councillor Sherry Bondy, said as someone who saw what the building looked like before its restoration, she said it was close to being demolished.  

  “He saved it and it looks great,” she said.

  On behalf of Council, Mayor Richard Meloche congratulated Boudreau on receiving the award. “We are very proud to have citizens like you, who preserve our history in the Town.”   

  The award was given out during Heritage Week, which was celebrated across the Province.

  Council received the presentation.

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