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Town of Essex Business update: No Frills to forward nearly $4000 to Ronald McDonald House

by Sylene Argent

Essex residents continue to surprise local No Frills’ owner, Jeff MacPhee, with their generosity and supporting nature.

  During the recent two-week long “Give a Little, Help a Lot” campaign, cashiers collected a total if $3974.64, by selling $2 icons.

  This is an annual campaign that allows the local grocery store to raise funds for local youth charities.

MacPhee said this year’s donation will be forwarded to Windsor’s Ronald McDonald House.

  “That was actually an incredible amount, with everything,” MacPhee said of local residents donating during the COVID-19 pandemic. “You don’t really want to be asking a lot from people at this point. [Residents of] the Town of Essex are very giving.”

  Even though Essex is a smaller community, MacPhee said it is always inline with larger centres, as far as collecting donations through programs like the “Give a Little, Help a Lot” campaign.

  Area residents, he said, certainly have a sense of community, he also acknowledged the work of the cashiers in collecting the donations.

  “The donation is going to a great place,” MacPhee added.

  In a recent interview with the Essex Free Press, regarding the Sunflowers 4 Smiles fundraiser in Cottam, Catherine Nolan, the Volunteer and Community Engagement Specialist with the Windsor Ronald McDonald House, said many of the Ronald McDonald House events and fundraisers had to be cancelled this year, due to the pandemic, and that has changed the way the organization runs programs and the way it is able to support its families.

  Last year’s “Give a Little, Help a Lot” campaign collected $2837.88, which was presented to the Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association (WETRA).

  New restaurant: Schnitzel & Grill has opened at 105 Talbot Street South. This new establishment is offering a unique experience, with its European-themed menu.

LIFE headed into Kinsmen Fieldhouse

Recently, Council approved entering into an agreement with Learning in Friendship and Equality (LIFE) for leased space at the town-owned facility, located at 50 Fairview Avenue West in Essex Centre. This will be for one year, commencing on August 1 and concluding on July 31, 2021.

   Lea-Anne (LA) Shepley will be the Program Director for this new business, that will be a respite program for individuals 21-years-old and older, who are intellectually delayed.

  The program will deal with daily life experiences that will guide each participant to their best ability. Part of the program will offer trips around the community, in addition to therapeutic, culinary, and social opportunities.

  Clients will learn about grocery shopping, daily hygiene, and other important skills.

  Dining transition: Local chef, Ryan Simpson, has opened Simpson Serves, a catering company. He said he used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to do something new. He said people think his new venture is interesting and want to get involved.

  New parking lot: Over the past few weeks, Schinkels’ Meat Market’s parking lot has been under construction. The new improvement has now been completed.


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