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Town of Essex Council Notes for Monday, July 16

by Sylene Argent

Senior of the Year award presented

Essex Mayor Ron McDermott presented the 2018 Senior of the Year award to Essex Centre resident Diana Dennis at Monday evening’s Council meeting.

  In Early April, the Ontario Minister Responsible for Senior Affairs invited Council to nominate an outstanding individual, who is 65 or over and has enriched the social, culture, or civic life of the community, for an opportunity to get recognized with the award.

  Council asked the community to forward nominations to be considered. Two names were forwarded. Council selected the recipient of the award by draw at the April 16 regular meeting.   

  The nomination letter advocating for Dennis noted she has taught piano and vocal skills to people of all ages in her home for many years and used to work with students with special needs at Sun Parlor Junior School.

  The writer of the letter called Dennis “One of the sweetest, most patient and caring women I’ve ever met. She always has her little candy jar full for you to choose from after your lesson and is incredibly encouraging when you are struggling with a piece.”

  Dennis is also involved with Essex United Church, where she serves in worship, and is a participant in the church’s popular annual murder mystery.

  “Diana is a shining example of staying active in the town for the betterment of its citizens,” McDermott said.

  During the meeting, Dennis said she was extremely humbled to receive the award. She said she loves Essex and her students.


Rehabilitation of Essex Culverts

Council received the Department of Infrastructure and Development’s report, “Results of Request for Tender-2018 Rehabilitation of Essex Culverts” and further awarded the projects to SLR Contracting Group Inc. in the amount of $527,752.80.

  The Report to Council notes the 2018 Capital Bridges and Culvert approved project expenditures included work on the culverts (for various purposes) at Concession Road 14 and Hyland Road, South Malden Road and Concession Road 9, Concession Road 4 (1.8km East of Drummond Road) and at Concession Road 5 (0.7km West of McCormick Road).


OCWA proposal for water/ wastewater services

Essex Council received the Department of Infrastructure and Development’s Report “Ontario Clean Water Association Contract for Water and Wastewater Services.”

  Council also voted to support the rationale provided, and authorized Administration to waive the requirement for a tendering process for the procurement of Water Treatment and Wastewater Operations to proceed to enter into a 10 year Agreement with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). This would be to operate all Town of Essex Wastewater Facilities and the Harrow and Colchester South Water Treatment Plant at a total cost of $1,052,389 in Year 1 and adjusted annually thereafter.

  The Report to Council notes OCWA has been the sole operating authority for all Town of Essex sewage and water treatment facilities since its inception as a Crown agency in the Province of Ontario 20 years ago.

  The report continues that the Town of Essex has met or exceeded all Provincial benchmarks under OCWA’s operations. “There are also pending, significant changes to the regulatory framework related to wastewater, which will require much more stringent monitoring and reporting. As noted during the last contract negotiations, OCWA has indicated that they are prepared to address these issues as part of their contract obligations to the Town of Essex.”

  The annual price for the proposed water and wastewater operation and maintenance services component are $389,383 and $472,266, respectively. The primary cause for increases are impacted by the intensification of reporting and compliance. The remainder of the proposed contract value is a result of the proposal to integrate currently billed “out of scope” works.


Rezoning application for Valente

Essex Council received the Planning Department’s report “Essex Town Centre Limited Rezoning Application, R. Valente, agent (Essex Centre, Ward 1)” for informational purposes and tabled the document for public discussion at the statutory public meeting to be held on July 23, 2018.


Noah Homes Site Plan Control approval

Essex Council received the Planning Department’s report “Site Plan Control Approval, Noah Homes, Walter Branco, agent (Essex Centre, Ward 1)” and approved Bylaw 1729 to enter into a Site Plan Control Agreement with Noah Homes.

  The Report to Council notes the Site Plan Control application was made for the development of lands on the south side of Maidstone Avenue West, west of Bell Avenue, for townhomes and semi-detached dwellings.


Gore Road/Concession Road 8 RFT tabled

After much debate about the Gore Road/Concession Road 8 results of the recently issued Request for Tender, Council tabled the matter so it can be further discussed at the next regular meting. This will give the members at the decision-making table time to do a little more homework.

  Council was asked to receive the report on the matter, which recommended Council award the Request for Tender for the Gore Road/Concession Road 8 rehabilitation to Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited for $549,157.

  The Town of Essex sought tenders for surface treatment rehabilitation on the Gore Road from Wright Road to Essex County Road 20, Concession Road 8 from Coulter Road to Ferris Road, utilizing a Cold Recycled Asphalt Mix Paving process, the report notes.

  The process, the report continued, is widely used for this type of rehabilitation application throughout the province and utilizes 100% recycled asphalt pavement.

  A Request for Tender was posted and later closed on June 28, 2018. There was only the one offer from Norjohn Contracting and Paving Limited/ The report said this company has provided the Town with satisfactory services during the past several years.

  Councillor Randy Voakes had issues moving forward with the selected process of resurfacing as he believes it has failed in the past. He also believed if the specifications in the RFT were a little more open, there would have been more bidders. He said he doesn’t like to see work going out of the community.

  He said he wouldn’t support the RFT until all specification opportunities are looked at.

  Councillor Larry Snively said he also would not support the process. Councillor Sherry Bondy had a worry the road may not last as long as a mechanically pulverized road.  

  Director of Infrastructure and Development, Chris Nepszy, said when it comes to the processes for construction, to him it is irrelevant who can do the work locally, what administration looks for is what is best for the roads.

  He added that the process has not failed. He said there were issues in the first year the process was used locally. In the second phase, modifications were made, and there were no issues.

  Administration uses five different road reconstruction processes. “We’re not picking, as administration, one process that fits all. Every year, we met, we look at the budget, we look at the roads. [We look at] what is the best treatments for our roads.”

  In this instance, administration agreed unanimously the cold road recycle was the best process for this road, Nepszy said.

  Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche and Mayor Ron McDermott were in favour of the process, noting members of administration are experts on the matter.


Notices of Motion to be considered August 7

Councillor Sherry Bondy put forward three Notices of Motion for Council to consider at the August 7 regular Council meeting:

• That Council discuss recent parking complaints and concerns regarding the Colchester Harbour and Park land.

• That Council request a report from administration regarding the rates of free-roaming cat spay/neuter voucher uptakes for the past four years.

• That Council discuss the Harrow Arena concession and its reduced service.


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