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Town of Essex rings in the New Year  with free open skate and swim

by Garrett Fodor

In the spirit of the holidays, over  the  course  of  New  Year’s  Eve   and   New   Year’s   Day,   the  Town  of  Essex  provided  families  a  chance  to  have  fun,  celebrate, and exercise together.


Kicking  off  the  New  Year’s  celebrations,  on  December  31,  the Town of Essex hosted a free skate at the Essex Centre Sports Complex,   from   1-3pm.   This   opportunity    allowed    everyone    to  don  their  skates,  get  out  for  a  twirl,  and  skate  around  during  the unusually warm temperatures this winter.


The free skate was strategically placed,  with  hopes  of  allowing  families  with  busy  schedules  to  attend and celebrate New Year’s.


“The event has been going on for over 10-years now and is sort of  a  tradition,  we  are  fortunate  for   the   support   and   funding   from   Essex   Town   Council   to   put  on  the  activities  like  this,”  Jake     Morassut,     Director     of     Community    Services    for    the    Town of Essex, said. “It’s a good way   to   kick   off   everybody’s   New  Year’s  resolutions  of  active  fitness.”


He  added  that  every  year,  more   people   attend   the   free   skate,   “which   is   great,   and   for   the   weather   right   now,   it’s   a   great   opportunity   to   lace  up  skates  with  the  warm  temperatures.”


Morassut noted his favourite part of the event is seeing the community come together. He added it is a great opportunity for   families   to   bond   and   participate       in       activities       together,  and  there  are  always  smiles to be had.


Outside   of   Essex   Centre,   Harrow  had  its  own  New  Year’s  Eve  event  put  on  in  partnership  with  the  Harrow  &  Colchester  South  Chamber  of  Commerce.  The event featured public skating, a  ball  drop,  and  other  activities  for families across the region.


On New Year’s Day, the Town of Essex followed up with a free public swim at the Essex Aquatic Centre.


“It’s   great   to   see   so   many   families out enjoying themselves and    just    being    active,    we’re   truly   unique   with   our   facilities   the   Town   of    Essex    has,    so    it’s    great  to  see  them  used,”  Morassut        commented.       


“On behalf of Council and Administration, I’d like to thank  the  community  for  all their support with all of our  initiatives.  We  would  like  to  wish  everybody  a  great  New  Year  and  hope  everybody   has   a   good,   happy,  active  lifestyle  in  the coming year.”


Looking ahead for other activities  with  the  Town  of  Essex,  Morassut  noted  a  full  list  of  recreational  activities and other events can be found on


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